Choose One: Job or Career

A career is a crucial part of our life. The biggest difference between a job and a career is that a job is what you work at to make money, whereas a career is working towards your goals, dreams and passions. You work a job when you have no idea what you should be doing with your life or when you are too lazy or too scared to follow your dreams and passion but that should not be the case. A job is voluntary torture that we opt for something of no real value, money. People who used to say Money is one of the biggest things (Hindi quote: "Baap bada na Bhaiya Sabse bada Rupaiyaa") and I don't agree.

Most careers start with education. Many people work jobs because they don't have the education needed to enter careers, though jobs can certainly turn into careers, regardless of type of employment. Careers are about building on experience and advancing your job skills and knowledge in the area where you want to excel.

A career is your life. It's not just a job, it's moving towards a reason for being through work, through creation, through passion. Having a career and excelling in it is the closest to being a God. Gods create. As humans, we aren't capable of creating human, heaven and all that that God can create, but by creating what we can create, the best we can create it, we are fulfilling our purpose. The only reason for living and giving a purposeful reason for you life the best meaning.

What you do is up to you. They don't even need to be physical things; they can be anything, but you need to create things in your life that make you feel as if you were meant to be alive. A career will bring you closer to the heavens, whereas a job is quite literally hell on earth. Nothing in our lives should be done solely for the money. If that money is necessary to progress to the next phase of our plan then it is not only acceptable.

A job is nothing. It's part of your career, of your journey. It's likely to still feel like a job, but as long as you remain committed, you will make progress and you will create change. The only thing that matters is that no matter how much you do in life, no matter how little, no matter whatever you do, don't do, anything. When you know you are about to die, you must be happy and you can tell yourself that I have lived a purposeful life.

The only way to enjoy life and find those brief moments of true happiness is to live every moment exactly the way you believe it should be lived. You always like to remind yourself that it's wiser to live today for tomorrow because tomorrow will shortly be your present moment. For this reason, you can always work towards a better tomorrow.

Our dreams and our goals are what we have to work towards if we want to feel like our lives haven't been wasted. Accomplishing them will make us feel that we did our jobs, that we succeeded, that we can die with a smile on our faces and be happy. The only time in your life that you don't want to be anything but happy.

You can apply for a job, but you can't apply for a career. A job is given to you; a career is made by you.

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