Business Intelligence In QlikView


Business Intelligence software helps us to create report analytics and dashboards very easily. The dashboard takes a very important place in QlikView. The main purpose of Business Intelligence software is that it can be used to increase the performance of  a business. The Business Intelligence can be used with products and services. The Business Intelligence provides the advanced data visualization and analysis using the QlikView and other business software products. Using QlikView, more than 24,000 worldwide organizations provide the convenient information for all their data for unprecedented businesses. In the QlikView Business Intelligence, the decision making is based on having the right information. It helps the users to save time and make accurate decisions.

The Business Intelligence has the following main priorities:

  • It can be used to improve the business process.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Improves the competitive advantage.
  • For security purposes.
  • For faster innovation.
  • For cycle times.
  • The main priority is that it is helpful in attracting and growing a customer relationship.

Features of  Business Intelligence

It can be used with one or more of the following features:

  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Dash boarding
  • Performance Management
  • Social collaboration
Features of BI

The purpose of the reporting feature is to connect to one or more databases in a single report and provide the many data records in a single report. A report is written to clarify the information in the business and represents the specific information. A report can be represented in many forms, like tabular or graphic; it can be used for automatic summarization of the figures, like average, count and sum. It creates a section organized by a dimension or objects. It shows the pivot and simple plain tables.


The analysis is the process of finding an error or bug in a report. It can be used to break a complex report into smaller parts. The QlikView is the most flexible analysis tool for transforming any business information into knowledge.

Dash Boarding

The QlikView provides one-click access for the interactive dashboardanyone can access it quickly and modify it easily. The QlikView Business Intelligence dashboard targets task-specific apps. The dashboard display measures are visualized as meters, we create a dashboard in QlikView by combining one or more meters. The dashboard shows the alerts and notification for target values.

Performance Management 

The performance management is the set of activities, in which goals are met in an effective and efficient manner. The QlikView defines a framework for key performance indicators. The performance measures target and objectives and it supports planning.

Social Collaboration

In QlikView Business Intelligence, the social collaboration refers to the processes in which one or more users interact and share the information to achieve any goal. In Social Collaboration, there is a natural environment in the internet. It creates the notes regarding a specific task or graph.


This section describes the introduction of Business Intelligence (BI) in QlikView in a simple way and also introduce the feature of Business Intelligence.

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