Creating Inline Table in QlikView


In QlikView there is another way to add a table to a data model. Inline tables are not stored in the database. These types of tables are very useful. By using an inline table, the data is entered directly into the edit script window. Inline table data is very important for QlikView because it is useful in many ways.

Use the following procedure to create a sample inline table.

Step 1:
Open the QlikView application

In the first step you need to open the QlikView application then go to "File" -> "New", then this window will be opened.

After clicking New option

Step 2: Open Edit Script

The second step is to open the edit script window from "File" -> "Edit Script".


  • Then this window will be opened.

    window of edit Script

Step 3: Select inline

From the insert menu command select "Load Statement" -> "Load Inline".


Step 4: Inline data wizard

Now this window will be opened and here we create an inline table data and click on the OK button.


Step 5: Code of edit script

Now it will show an edit script and reload it.


Step 6: Save file

The next step is to save our QlikView file.

save file

Step 7: Sheet property window

The sheet property window will be opened. In this window you add the fields you want to display as a table and click on the OK button.


Step 8: Main window

Then you will see this window.


Step 9: Select table box

In the menu bar, there is a Layout command. Click on Layout then select "New Sheet Object" -> "Table Box".

table box

Step 10: New table box

Now we select fields for displaying in the table box and click on the OK button.


Step 11: Final window

Now you will see an inline table that we load through inline.



This article described how to create an inline table and also provided an introduction to inline tables in QlikView.

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