Creating Line Chart in QlikView


QlikView line chart is just similar to a line chart but the major difference between them is that they do not use the shortest distance to connect two data points.

In a previous article I discussed how to create a table box in a QlikView application. Table box is important because it shows all the data.

 Create a table box in QlikView

Let's start with the creation of a line chart.

Step 1: Select chart

In the menu bar, there is the option for layout. Click on layout and select chart.


Step 2: General window

In this window we select the chart type. There are various chart types; select line chart type then click on the "Next" button.

chart type

Step 3: Add dimension

In this window we add a dimension because dimensions describe the calculated data. Then click on the "Next" button.


Step 4: Edit expression

In this window we do the aggregate function with the dimension and click on the OK button.


Step 5: Expression window

Then this window will be opened and click on the Finish button.


Step 6: Final window

Then you will do the chart. This chart shows the total sum of the salaries.


This chart shows the normal type of line chart. You can see it in the expression window.

Step 7: Select type of  line chart

If you want to select another type of line chart then go to the properties of the line chart.


Step 8: Go to the expression tab in the general type

Now select the expression tab in the general type and select the type of line chart and click on the OK button.


Then you will see this window.



This article provided a basic introduction to QlikView line charts and also described how to create a line chart in a QlikView application.

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