Badges For Contributors in Sharepoint

In this article we can explore the badges feature in community sites.

What are Badges?

Badges are reputation that can be assigned to community contributors.

For example, you can create badges like the following:

  1. Expert
  2. Professional

If you found a contributor with good answering skills, you can assign him the badge above. The badge appears with a special icon as shown below.

Create a Badge

As the first step we need to create a badge. For this open the Community site choose the Create Badges option.

You will get the following list. Choose the New link to create a badge.

Assign a Badge

After creating the badge, we can assign it to a contributor. Choose the Assign badges to the members link from the home page of the community site.

In the page that appears, check the member, choose the MODERATION tab and click the Give Badge option.

Choose the badge and click the Save button.

Test the Badge

Back to the home page, choose a discussion item and you can see the badge being assigned over there.

The badge will continue to appear in all the answers or replies for the user.

Note: Please note that the SharePoint list is the underlying storage for Badge items.



In this article we explored how to use badges in a community site.