Introducing Web Client Software Factory (WCSF)

The Web Client Software Factory is a framework for developing ASP.NET and Ajax applications implementing proven patterns and practices. This framework is part of Microsoft Patterns & Practices.


Some of the core advantages of using the WCSF are:

Module based Development: We can create each business module as separate library and it provides reusability and easier maintainability.

Model View Presenter: Separation of User Interface giving more flexibility in manageability and unit testing.

Service Dependency Attribute: Allows injection of class instances to modules, resulting in instance reusability and less instance creation overheads

Overall it would be a good to have framework at the cost of learning.

Installation for Visual Studio 2010

It would be a two step process.

Step 1: First we have to install Guidance Automation Extensions for 2010. Guidance Automation provides the infrastructure for automated project creation actions inside Visual Studio IDE.


Click on the Install button to proced.

Step 2: After installing the GAX 2010, you can proceed with downloading the actual WCSF 2010.


Click the Install button to proceed with and you could see the status below.


Validating the Installation

You can validate the installation by running VS 2010 and creating a new WCSF solution.

Execute VS 2010 and choose File > New Project

You should be able to select the project option below:


Select "Web Client Solution" from the dialog and enter the project name and click Ok button.

Now you will be prompted with further WCSF project options


Click Finish to complete the wizard. This will create 1 Shell Module and 1 website with all the necessary library file references added.

Back in the IDE you can try executing the project. You should be able to see the application below.



The Web Client Software Factory along with Guidance Automations helps in easing the creation of web client applications. There are certain concepts like Modules, MVP, Service Dependency etc. to be adapted which will be continued in the next series of articles.

Note: For installing WCSF for Visual Studio 2008 the following 3 setups are needed.

Step1: Guidance Automation Extensions - February 2008 Release


Step 2: Guidance Automation Toolkit for Visual Studio 2008 - February 2008 Release


Step3: Web Client Software Factory - February 2008 (