Business Store In Windows 10


Those who are using Windows 8 or later are already aware of apps available in the Windows store. Those apps can be installed on Phone, Surface, PC, HoLoLens and other devices having a Windows operation system.

Setting context

Few of them are free and remaining ones are paid. One needs an internet connection to get these apps on devices. Now question is, just by having an internet connection brings an app to our devices? What if you are in some enterprise network? In that case, in spite of having an internet connection, you may not be able to download an app from Windows Store. And the very well-known reason for this is organization’s FIREWALL.
As you are protected by your enterprise firewall, you may not be able to download the required app from Windows Store. Now the question is how to get the required app. To get rid of this shortcoming, Microsoft came up with a new store called Business Store for Windows 10. Those who all have attended Build 2015 May already aware of it.

How to connect to Business Store?

In Windows 10, IT administrators can access a new web-based store portal precisely for enterprises and access the Business Store. In order to connect to this Business Store, you can associate your work identity to store. Hence you don’t need MSA. You can connect that to Azure Active Directory via the internet.

The benefit of this new store

Using this store, employers can not only customize the apps their employees see but can also privately add internal LoB apps using various distribution options. IT administrators can dispense apps to people in the organization, who will be directed to download via an emailed link. This store provides the same experience as a consumer store, but it will accept business payment methods. More details on setting up the account for Business Store can be found here.
As of now, all the apps purchased from Business Store will work only on Windows 10 devices.
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