Yammer Integration With SharePoint 2013 Online

Many of you have probably heard about Yammer. For those who don't know, Yammer is an enterprise social network that was acquired by Microsoft on June 25th, 2012.

SharePoint Newsfeed is the primary social experience in Office 365, but now organizations have a choice. You can switch your Enterprise Social Collaboration setting to Yammer, and make Yammer your primary experience.

Step 1

Login into Office 365 and click the Admin tab and select Settings as shown below:

Step 2

Change the option to “Use yammer.com service” and click Save.

Step 3

The SharePoint News Feed has been changed to “Yammer”.

Step 4

Click on Yammer and create a Yammer account. The following 4 screenshots depicts the account creation.

Step 5

Provide updates in Yammer. In this example, the sample update is “Hi from Yammer”.

Step 6

Now that Yammer Account is integrated with the SharePoint 2013. Click on the Yammer Tab and it will take you directly to your Yammer feeds.

P.S. It will take almost 30 minutes to show the Yammer feeds after configuration.