Create a Calculation Field in SharePoint 2013 List

This article explains how to create a calculation field in a SharePoint list.

Step 1

Here I have used an Employee details list.

Employee details list menu

Step 2

Click the List menu item in the top navigation and click the List settings menu.

List menu item

Step 3

The following screen will appear.

enployee setting detail

Step 4

Here I have calculated the First Name and Last Name fields.

calculated First Name field

Step 5

Create a new column named Employee name.

Create a new column

Selected the calculated option in type of information.

Selected calculated option

Here I concatenate two strings, First name and Last name.

=CONCATENATE([First Name]," ",[Last Name])

Concatenate two strings

Click the Ok button.

Click Ok button

Go and create one list item in EmployeeDetails List.

Employee details List

The calculation field will appear.

calculation field


In this article we have explored how to create a calculation field in a SharePoint 2013 List.