Comments in PowerPoint 2013

In this article we are explaining how to make a comment in PowerPoint 2013. Comments are the mechanism for communication about the text present in the PowerPoint Document. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 provides the facility to insert comments. Comments provides the basic information about your text.

Steps How to Make a Comment in PowerPoint 2013

Step 1

Open Microsoft Office 2013 and click on PowerPoint 2013.

Step 2

In this step, you can select any template given below. If you do not want to select a a template then click on blank document:


Step 3

Now create a document and click the Insert menu option.


Step 4

In this step, click on Comment Option.


Step 5

In this step, a Comment window will be shown that looks like this. You can write any comment in it.


Step 6

Now we can write anything we want to convey about that particular line.


Step 7

Now if we want we can move the comment window here and there and to do this just select the task pane options arrow and select the move option from it.


Step 8

The comment window will be moved around.


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