Save Your Presentation in PowerPoint 2013

In this article we are explaining how to save your presentation in PowerPoint 2013. After creating a presentation, you can save the presentation to a folder on you hard disk drive, a network location, Desktop flash drive or save as another file format. If you click on the File Menu then you will see the "Save as" option and then you can click on it to save your presentation.

By default Microsoft Office programs save files in the default working folder. You must identify the target location; if it is different than the default folder then the saving process is the same and then you can choose whatever location you want. You can copy a file to a different location. First you can choose a folder where you want to save a copy and then choose a folder you want save it to.

Steps How to save a Presentation in PowerPoint 2013

Step 1

First you open the PowerPoint 2013:


Step 2

In this step you create your presentation or files or slides. 


Step 3

After creating your presentation, you click on File Menu for saving your presentation. You can save your presentation using Ctrl + S.


Step 4

In this step, you click on the "Save As" Button and you can select the location you want. You see two options; first My Document and the second Desktop. You can select your location according your need. If you want to save your files on the Desktop then click on it.


Step 5

In this step, you will see the "Save As" Window. In this window, you can type the File Name you want and then click the Save Button.


Step 6

In this step, if you want to open a saved file then click on the File Menu and then click on the Open Button from the left side of the Window. You will see many options such as Recent Presentation, Sky Drive, Computer and others. You can open your file from Recent Presentations or you can open your file by clicking on Computer and then choose where the file has been saved to.


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