Agile Model: Software Development Model


Whenever a task associated with a model or standard yields a good result, likewise in software development activities too. There are several models we have, such as Waterfall model, V model, Incremental model, RAD model, Agile model, Iterative model, Spiral model. These models are as powerfull as the environment requires. Let us go on a short tour of the Agile Model.

Agile Model

The software development model Agile is a methodology that is nothing but a collection of tools. It after stated as heavy weighted software development methodology.

Water flow model
Figure: Water flow model

Agile is similar to the Water Flow model, the main difference is separate stages with points and deliverables at each stage, while Agile methods have iterations rather than stages. The output of each iteration is working code that can be used to evaluate and respond to changing and evolving user requirements.

Agile Model
Figure 2: Agile Model

Types of Agile Methodology

We have the following two types in Agile Methodology:

  • XP
  • Scrum

XP Agile Methodology

Extreme Programming (XP) focuses on the development instead of executive aspects of the projects. It would be easy to adopt all or some part of the methodology XP as per the design defined in the organization.

Extreme Programming flows with a release planning phase, with several iterations by defining standard acceptance testing which provide more confidence about the software project to the users.

XP Standards

There are several standards that should be followed while we are developing a software project in XP to make the process successful, they are:

  • Integration: This is similar continues integration that there whenever changes happen that should integrated with source.

  • Velocity: It’s simply a way to measure the process with certain metrics though the project velocity.

  • Pair programming: It is a team work process that two developer work in parallel to implement a module for project release.

  • Story: It’s simply a statement of the problem raised in the program solved and the statement should be three lines long.


If the mass developer endeavors to get the software project released it is a pattern called Scrum. Here Scrum focuses on both development and executing management.

Management in Scrum

There are several points that should be carried out to manage the people, they are:

  • Should monitor backlog of work.

  • Populate the backlog while planning.

  • Split the development process in short iterations called Sprints.

  • Sprints should have a number of development activities that define the proper timeline.

  • Conduct daily Scrum meeting to be updated in the process attacked and resolve stumbling blocks on the day itself.

Development in Scrum

The team should focus on each sprint that should complete with our backlogs or minimal backlogs. Each sprint itself consists of development, review and testing. If there is any backlog then that should be done in the next sprint if the managing people planned for another sprint. Also the work should be logged properly and the task gets reviewed to integrate with the source.