Integrate SharePoint Calendar to MS Outlook

Create a new team site.

Create a new team site

Go to Site Actions -> More options.

More options

Select Calendar from the list named "Meeting Schedule" then click Create.

Meeting Schedule

So the calendar has been created.

calendar has been created

Now we can Add events.

Now to add a simple Meeting event.

simple Meeting event

Click Save. The meeting has now been added successfully.

Click Save

So this is a SharePoint calendar. We can add events and set alerts and so on in the SharePoint.

Now I will integrate this calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

Click on the Calendar under Calendar tools in the top of the ribbon.

calendar tools

Click on Connect to Outlook.

Connect to outlook

Click Allow to access Microsoft Outlook.

access MS Outlook


Enter the credentials.

Enter the credentials

Click OK.

In this window click Yes to add the Calendar to Outlook.

pop click Yes

So now the SharePoint calendar has been integrated with Outlook.

SharePoint calendar

Then see the Event we added in SharePoint.

Here I will add a new appointment from Outlook.

Click on New Appointment at the top of the ribbon.

Click on New Appointment

Completely fill in the appointment details and select Save and Close.

appointment details

So now the new Appointment has been added successfully.

added successfully

Now go to SharePoint and refresh the calendar.


So the new Appointment or Event has been added successfully.

This will be very helpful for SharePoint learners.

Regards: Vinodh.N (SharePoint developer\Administrator).