Add Facebook Library to Photos Apps in Windows 8


The Metro Start Screen is the best feature of Windows 8 that contains a collection of Metro Apps, games and shortcuts for installed applications on the computer. Metro Apps such as people, photos, videos, music, etc. All of the photos applications are the very best and useful applications in the Metro Start screen by which you can display your images stored in the computer and it can be used to show a Facebook library image, Flicker library image, etc.
In my previous article, we discussed how to display a picture library image in photo apps but in this article, we are going to explain how to add and display a library image of a social website such as Facebook, Flicker, etc. in photos apps. By default when you open a photo apps it does not display any image from Facebook because your Facebook account is not connected to the photos app. To display a Facebook image in photos apps you must have a Microsoft account and its account must be connected to a Facebook account.

Steps to add the Facebook library to photos apps

Go to the Start Screen and launch "Photos" apps.
Step 2
In Photos apps click on the "Facebook photos" option. It will ask for a Microsoft Account. Type your email id and password and click on "Save". If you have no Microsoft account then click on "Sign up for a Microsoft account".
Step 3
In this step it will ask to connect your account to the Photos app; click on "Connect" to connect your account.
Step 4
In this step click on "Done" to finish the process.
Step 5
Now open the Photos app; your Facebook library will be shown in the Facebook photos.


In this article, we learned about Add Facebook Library to Photos Apps in Windows 8.  

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