Block Cookies in IE 10 on Windows 8


In this article, we explain how to block all cookies in Internet Explorer in Windows 8. We need to block cookies when we want to not save any user information from the web browser or hard drive. Blocking the cookies can be helpful if the browsing history is undesirable for security and user privacy.
Actually, cookies create small files hidden in the computer's drive while we surf any website. It contains our personal information. Whenever we browse a website using cookies, it requests us to fill in our personal information like name, interests and many more in a pop-up box. As a result, this information is packaged among the cookies and is saved within the browser for future use.

How to block all cookies in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8?

Step 1
Open Internet Explorer and click on settings in the right-top and select "Internet options".
Step 2
In the internet options window go to the "Privacy" tab.
Step 3
In the privacy tab under the settings, section drags the bar upwards until it has "Block all cookies" and click on "Apply" to apply this setting.
Step 4
If you want to allow cookies again then use the same procedure and drag the bar downwards until it has "Accept All Cookies".


In this article, we learned about Block Cookies in IE 10 on Windows 8.