Add Attachment in Windows 8 Mail App


In this article, we explain how to use the Windows 8 Mail app to send an mail with an attachment file. The Windows 8 Mail app offers a new way to view and manage your email messages. In many ways, the Windows 8 Mail app is very similar to other email applications, such as Outlook or Gmail, but its redesigned interface may be a little confusing at first. In Windows 8 the Windows 8 Mail app has no option to attach a file directly as in other mail software. So if you want to send an mail with an attachment then you must use the following procedure.

How to send an mail with attaching a file using the Windows 8 Mail app?

Step 1
Go to the Start Screen and click on the "Mail" app.
Step 2
Windows 8 Mail app will be opened. Click on "New" to send new mail.
Step 3
The new mail will be opened. Type the recipient's email id.
Step 4
If you won't want to attach a file then right-click and select "Attachments".
Step 5
File explorer will be opened. Select the file that you want to send and click on "Attach".
Step 6
After the file is attached click on "Send" to send the mail.


In this article, we learned about Add Attachment in Windows 8 Mail App.  

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