Apply Template in Word 2013

Microsoft Word has several collections of predefined templates which specify a paragraph style for regular text paragraphs, a tile and various levels of headings. You can use an available template.

This article teaches you the use of available Word 2013 templates.

Using Already Existing Template

It is very simple to use a pre-existing template for new Word documents.

A template is selected when you create a new blank document.

Use the following procedure to use a template.

Step 1

To open a new document, click the File Tab and then click the New option that will display Available Templates to be selected.


Note: you can also search for a new template form using the search box. For example a birthday template.


Step 2

I shall use Exiting templates for our document so just click on your desired existing templates. That will display gallery of templates.


Step 3

Now click over the Create button. That will be create a new Word document with your selected template.


Step 4

Finally you will see your Word document open with your selected template.


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