Enable or Disable Touch Mode in Word 2013

Enable or Disable Touch Mode

Office 2013 has a Touch Mode by which you can add a little more space around the buttons and icons so a user on a touch interface can select these options more easily.

Like Windows 8, Office 2013 is also tablet-friendly. It has several touch based features for easier access.

By enabling Touch Mode you can add more space around the buttons or icons which help in selecting a menu item accurately by your finger.

Use the following to enable or disable the Touch Mode.

Step 1

Open Word 2013 and select Blank document or any document with a template.

Step 2

Go to the Quick Access toolbar which is located at the top. Choose the down arrow icon which is located in the right of the Redo button.


Step 3

A Menu appears. Select Touch Mode option from the list.


Step 4

Now you will see a new option appear in the right of the redo button like a circle.


Step 5

Now click on that icon to enable Touch Mode.


Note: Now you will see the difference in you Word document. The space around the buttons or icons increase.


Disable Touch Mode

To disable Touch Mode, click again on the round Touch Mode circle.


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