How to Apply and Change Quick Styles in Word 2013

Microsoft Word has the feature of a gallery of Quick Styles which can be applied to headings, titles and lists. The Quick Style also provides sets of canned formatting choices, such as font, color and boldface.

In this article I am going to describe about Quick Styles in Microsoft Word 2013 and how to customize the available styles in the Gallery.

Apply Quick Styles

To apply the Quick Styles do some simple steps.

Step 1

First of all open your Word document and write some text.


Step 2

Now Select a text on which you want to apply a Quick Style.


Step 3

Go to the Home Tab and move your mouse pointer to the Style Gallery and you will see selected text change according to your selected style. You can also find more styles by clicking the More Styles button.


Step 4

Click over any style available in the style list and see the effect in your Word document.


Note: You can give text a normal appearance by selecting the Normal style available in the Style Gallery.

Change Styles

You can also customize the default style available in the style group. Like change the color or font type paragraph spacing.

Do the simple steps to modify the available styles.

Step 1

Open your Word document. Click the Home Tab and then move your mouse pointer in the Style Gallery and right-click over the any available style and choose modify.


Step 2

Now you can change the Name of style, font type, color, font size, font based on option according to your requirement and click Ok.


Step 3

Select text in your Word document and apply your own customize style.


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