Improve Performance of Word 2013

Scroll faster by Adding Placeholder in Word 2013

Inserting many pictures into your Word document may cause scrolling through your document to be slow. It can also cause a problem when just changing text within your document. To overcome these problems use the "placeholder" option.

This feature just hides the pictures and preserves resources from rendering the pictures, but does not delete the pictures.

Use the following to activate the placeholder option in Word 2013.

Step 1

Open a long Word document that contains several pictures also.


Step 2

Go to the File Tab and choose Options.


Step 3

The Word options window is opened.


Step 4

Go to the Advanced tab within the Word options window.


Step 5

Now locate "Show document content", check the "Show picture placeholders" check box and click OK.


Note: See that all pictures have been hidden.


Note: Here the picture of the Word document is only hidden, no change has occured. Look at the original document; go to the View tab and choose Read Mode from the Views Group.


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