New Read Mode Feature in Word 2013

Read your document without distraction

You can read a small Word document very easily without any distraction. However reading a long document can cause confusion from buttons and tools.

Word 2013 introduces a new feature, the Read Mode Feature. It will help you to read a document without any distraction; it will hide some tools and buttons.

Use the following to read the document in Read Mode.

Step 1

Open your document and click on the "View" tab in Word 2013.


Step 2

Now choose "Read Mode" within the "Views" group.


Step 3

Now the image of your document will be hidden; only the article as in the following will appear in read mode.


Note: As you know some documents are protected in read mode, or attachments are also opened in read mode automatically. 

To move from one page to another page use the arrow, page up, page down, spacebar or backspace keys.

Step 4

In read mode you can change the column width using the view tab. It also does not effect the original content of the Word document.


Step 5

You can also change the "Layout" option in Read Mode using the View tab. It may be "Column Layout" or "Paper Layout".


Step  6

You can also use the "Navigation" pane in the View option of Read Mode to navigate to another page or to search in the document.


Step 7

After reading your document you can also return to "Edit mode" by choosing "Edit Document" in the view option.


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