Set Up Line Spacing Between Multiple Lines of Text in Word 2013

Word 2013 by default places some space between lines of text and between paragraphs. In other words free space between each text line and each paragraph. Word has the feature through which you customize the default line and paragraph spacing. Word has 1.0 and 8P default spacing for line and paragraphs.

We can change the default spacing in two ways:

  1. By modifying the Standard Style
  2. By using Paragraph groups

Change default Line spacing by Style

Step 1

Choose "Style" from the Style group in the "Home" tab.


Step 2

Right-click on the default style and choose "Modify" option.


Step 3

A new modify style window is shown, as in:


Step 4

Click on the "Modify button" within the modify window and choose the "Paragraphs" option.


Step 5

Now you can modify the "space" in the paragraph window.


Change the default line spacing by the paragraphs groups.

Step 1

Go to the "Paragraph" group of the "Home "Tab.


Step 2

Choose the "line and paragraph spacing" in the Paragraphs group which shows the preferred space in the drop down list.


Note: you can also choose the "Line Spacing Option" in the drop down list to change the line spacing of text.


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