Multi-Column Format Document in Word 2013

Write Word 2013 document in multiple columns format

Sometimes you need to give a Word document a multi-column format like a magazine. Because, as you know, most magazines are printed in two columns. If you want to do that for your Word document then you have to change a setting in Word 2013.

Do the following to organize a Word document in column format.

Step 1

Open a Word document that you want to organize into columns.


Step 2

Select the part of your document that you want to use multiple columns for.


Step 3

Now click on the "Page Layout" tab and choose "Columns".


Step 4

From the Columns drop down list choose whateveer number of columns that you need.


Step 5

You can also choose More columns in the drop down to customize your selection. Such as the number of columns, being right to left, width and spacing in this window.


Step 6

Now you will see your select Word document split into multiple columns format. But that format might not be good so to improve it use drop Cap for the first letter of columns, in other words change the style of the first letter of your column to be capitalized.


Use the following to use drop caps.

Step 1

Click anywhere within a column that you want to use drop caps for and go to "Insert Tab".

Step 2

Click on the "drop cap" within the "text" group.


Step 3

Choose "Dropped" from the "drop cap" drop down list.


Note: See your final Word document which is more organized and readable.


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