Create Property In SharePoint Online Property Bag

Property bag is like a config information. The following are the uses of Property bag:

  • It helps to store meta data as key-value pairs. For example, connection strings, file paths, server names and other settings in SharePoint application.

  • Property bag is a hash table of key-value pair options.

  • Property bags can be created / modified / deleted from SharePoint designer.


The following are the steps to create a property using SharePoint Designer,

Step 1: Open the SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer.

SharePoint Designer

Step 2: Go to the site menu and click on Site Options, you will get a “Pop Up”.

Go to site Menu

Step 3: On the Pop-up, you can see add, modify and remove buttons as in the following screenshot:


Step 4: Click “Add” to create new property and then provide the following values,

Name: Department
Value: YES


Step 5: Finally click “OK” to create.


Finally your property will be created successfully in SharePoint Site.



In this article we have explored how to create property in SharePoint Online site Collection Level.

Happy Learning!