Enable Tree View in SharePoint

In this article I would like to share the procedure to enable the Tree View in SharePoint site

What a Tree View is

The Tree View is an extra navigation option that provides a hierarchical view of all sites, lists and libraries in the site, including any sites below the current site level.

How to enable the Tree View

Use the following procedure to show the Tree View.

Step 1

Go to your site and click on settings as shown below:

admin option in SharePoint

Step 2

On the settings page select “Tree View” from the look and feel section.

tree view in SharePoint

Step 3

When you click on the “Tree View”, you will be navigated to Tree View settings page as shown below. There you can enable the Tree View:

settings page in SharePoint

Step 4

Then check the “Enable Tree View” and click on “Ok” to save the settings.

Enable Tree View option in sharepoint

Finally you will get the Tree View for your site as shown below:

get tree view in sharepoint


In this article we explored how to show the Tree View in a SharePoint Site.