Adding Online Apps For Excel 2013

We all know that Microsoft has launched the new Office 2013. In Office the product Excel comes with great new features. In fact the two feature improvements highlighted during the demo - Flash Fill and Quick Analysis - show some real imagination that has gone into the new version of Excel.

Today we are discussing the new features of Excel 2013 that come with the new Microsoft product.

Excel 2013 provides a new feature that enables the user to insert and use apps in Excel sheet. You can get apps online from the Microsoft Office Store such as Bing Maps, Mini Calender and the Date Picker app etc.

Steps to be followed to insert an App into an Excel sheet.

Steps 1: Open Microsoft Excel 2013.


Step 2:
Go to the Insert Menu and select the Apps for Office tab.


Step 3:
Then, click on the app(s) that you want to add.


Step 4:
Click on the Add button.


Step 5: Then, a dialog pops up; click OFFICE STORE, then click Refresh.


Step 6:
Find your app, select it and click the Insert button at the bottom of the dialog.