UWP Email Sending User Interface

Here are the steps: 

Step 1: Open Visual Studio 2015 and you'll see a screen containing New Project.

 containing New Project

Step 2: You can also create your project from File, New, then clicking Project.

New Project

Step 3: Once you select the New Project you will notice a screen showing Universal on the left hand side. You can select this Universal and choose Blank App (Universal Windows ) from the right hand side. After entering the name of your project however you like, click on OK.

Blank App

Step 4: After this, Visual Studio opens a project for you. Now go to the MainPage.xaml which is the default page of your application. When you click on the MainPage.xaml you'll notice that windows split into two portions one for the designer and other for the XAML editor.

Main Page design

Step 5:
Suppose we want to create a simple user interface of Email Sending App. Firstly, we need to define the rows and columns for our app. For that purpose we first define Grid.RowDefinition then place theR owDefination with the xaml property Height. Similarly we can also create a Grid.ColumnDefinition and place ColumnDefinition between Grid.ColumnDefinition.

Now on the left hand side you'll notice that there's a toolbox where all tools are available.You can just drag and drop these tools in your app but it's not a good practice because after doing that margins are added in your app and your app looks clumsy. So it's better practice to define your own controls in editor window.


Step 6: We define our controls and adjust into specific rows and columns by just assigning the rows and column references .

Main Page

Step 7: Now your app is ready. You can run it by clicking on Local Machine or by pressing F5. After this a windows with splash screen comes out it'll show all the design you just created in your editor window.