Create Document Templates for Document Libraries

In SharePoint we have a good feature that helps protecting source for document templates. Using Document Content, we can create document templates that users can choose from by clicking "New" button in document library. Users can edit and save without over-writing or changing the

1. Before starting we should have a Document Library created for this. Now we can go and create the content type

2. G to Site Actions > Site Settings


3. Under the Galleries section, click on Site Content Types


4. You have to give your Content Type a name and description.

5. In Parent Content Type section chooses "Select parent content type from: Document Content Types" and "Parent Content Type: Document"

6. You can create a new group if you want for the Content Type
7. Click OK


8. Once you done click on Advanced Settings


9. From here upload your template

9. Go to your document library you have created in the step 1


10. Click Settings then document library settings


11. From the advanced settings select the option of Allow management of content types? To Yes


12. Select Add from existing content types and select the content type that we just created


Now you go to your document library and click on New you can see our template also added there