Steps to make public site in Share point

In Share point when dealing with internet site we should have some situations where we need to give access to some people who were not in our Active directory or Databases(In case of Forms Authentication). This simple steps will make share point with anonymous access enabled
1. For this First you have to go to central administration of your web share point server

2. Go to Application Management and select Authentication provides under Application security


3. Select your web application from the top in which you want to implement Anonymous access

4. Click on the Default Zone marked in red


5. Select the check box for Enable Anonymous Access and click save


6. Then you have to go to the web application where you implemented anonymous access

7. Go to Site Actions->Site Settings then select Advanced permission


8. From the Settings tab Click on Anonymous Access

9. If you want to enable Anonymous access for entire site you have to choose the first option.

10. If you like only to enable anonymous access only to certain document libraries or list you have to go to the second option

11. Click OK

12. Now your site is enabled with Anonymous access with read permission

13. If you go the site you can see a Sign in option for non member users but still they can browse the site with read permission


Suppose you like to give contribute permission to anonymous access to certain list or document libraries you can do that also.

15. For that you have to go to the particular list or document library click Settings then List Settings

16. Then click Permission for this list from Permission and Management

28. Then from settings click on Anonymous Access

17. You will get the below screen ,from here you can give more permission and click save.


18. Now the users will get add permission also in this particular list with read permission to entire web application