Using Data View to Display data from multiple Share point List

In this article I am showing you how to display data from two lists in one data view using share point designer 2007

Here I am taking the example of two list say Task and Contact list


1. First of all you have to open the share point site in share point designer And then open the page where you want to insert data view.

2. Click on Insert -> Share point Controls-> Data view by selecting a web part region in your page.


3. From the Right top region from the data Source Library go to Linked Source.

4. Click on Create linked source as shown below.


5. Following pop up will come .From there select Configure Linked Source.


6. Select the contact and Task list as shown below.


Click Next. From the next screen choose Join the contents of the data sources and click Finish.


8. Now you get popup as shown below Go to General Tab ad Give a proper name for our Linked source. Click OK.


9. Now our linked Source will be added to Data Source list as shown below. Select Show Data.


10. Now you can see the data from Two list (Contact and Task are displayed in the Linked source).

11. I have selected Phone number from Contact, Title and priority from task List.


12. Now please drag the items you selected to the region where you want to display the dataview joined with two lists.


13. Click save and check in your changes.