Testing Documents

Test Plan: Test plan is a document that describes the objectives, scope, approach, and focus of a software testing effort. The following are some of the items that might be included in a test plan, depending on the particular project:

  • Title
  • Identification of software version
  • Revision history of document including authors, dates, approvals
  • Table of Contents
  • Purpose of document
  • Objective of testing effort
  • Software product overview
  • Relevant related document list, such as requirements, design documents, other test plans, etc.
  • Traceability requirements
  • Test organization and personnel/contact-info
  • Assumptions and dependencies
  • Project risk analysis
  • Testing priorities and focus
  • Scope and limitations of testing
  • Outline of data input equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, error classes
  • Test environment like hardware, operating systems, other required software
  • Software migration processes
  • Test data setup requirements
  • Database setup requirements
  • Discussion of any specialized software or hardware tools that will be used by testers to help track the cause or source of bugs
  • Test automation - justification and overview
  • Test tools to be used, including versions, patches, etc.
  • Problem tracking and resolution - tools and processes
  • Reporting requirements and testing deliverable
  • Software entrance and exit criteria
  • Initial sanity testing period and criteria
  • Test suspension and restart criteria
  • Test site/location
  • Relevant proprietary, classified, security, and licensing issues.
  • Open issues.

Test Case: A test case is a software testing document, which consists of event, action, input, output, expected result, and actual result. Test case prepare by with the help of SRS (Software Requirement Specification). 
  • Test Case id
  • Test case Name
  • Objective
  • Steps to be taken
  • Expected Result
  • Actual Result
  • Status
  • Remark

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