How to block the sandbox solutions in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will be seeing how to block or unblock the sandbox solutions in SharePoint 2010.

I have created a sandbox solution (wsp file) which consists of a simple web part and I have deployed that in the site collection. Now I am going to block the sandbox solution that I have deployed so that it does not run. Sandbox solution can be blocked in the central administration by the farm administrator.

Steps Involved:

  • Go to Central Administration => System Settings =>Farm Management => Manage User Solutions.


  • Browse for the wsp file.

  • Add the message and click on Block.

  • Sandbox solution will be added to the Blocked Solutions as shown in the following.


  • Click on ok.

  • Open the SharePoint site.

  • Go to Site Actions =>Edit Page =>"Editing Tools" in the ribbon interface =>Insert.

  • In the "Categories" select Custom => Sandbox (which is a custom web part).

  • Click on Add.


  • You will get the following error.


  • This is because the sandbox solution is added to the blocked solutions.
Note: If the solution code is changed and redeployed, it will be seen as a new sandboxed solution and will be allowed to run even if the original is still blocked.