Install Wordpress and IIS Server Using Web Platform Installer


Wordpress is the world's best CMS. It is used to create a blog website and it is a very flexible CMS. The Wordpress CMS also uses dynamic themes and plug-ins that make Wordpress easy to use and a better GUI for any user that wants to use it in their website.

IIS server works on the .NET Framework that is already exists in the Windows OS .

First download the Microsoft Web Platform Installer: Microsoft Web Platform Installer 5.0.

download Microsoft Web Platform Installer

After download run the .exe file.

Go to the Application Tab and add the Wordpress CMS.

Goto Application Tab

Then click on the Install button.

Click on Install Button

Select MySQL Database and provide the Password for the database and then click Continue.

Mysql Database

I have also installed Web Matrix, therefore it is not showing in the list of the preceding figures.

In the screen click “I Accept”.

click I Accept

Allow the Web Platform Installer installation to complete.

Web Platform Installer

Insert Security Keys.

To read in detail about Wordpress security keys click here.


Click on the link “Copy to clipboard” to save your password in the file and then click Finish.

Copy to clipboard

Microsoft Web matrix is for the Wordpress documentation, the site admin and for services like Start, Stop and Restart your Wordpress CMS in the browser.

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