Generate Installation File Using InstallShield Software

Download the InstallShield Software from Website.

After download install the InstallShield software properly.

Open Visual Studio and go to File => New => Project => Setup and Deployment.

Setup and Deployment

Select InstallShield Project and click on the OK button.

Then you will see this page:

See this Page

Click on the “Application Information” link.

Application Information

Then fill in all the information and go to the next tab “Installation Requirements”.

Installation Requirements

Choose the Operating System required for your software installation. If you want your software to work on any Windows OS then check the Radio button “NO” and also choose the required software for your software execution. If no software is required then select “NO”.

Check Radio Button

Then go to the next tab “Installation Architecture”.

In this tab you can set the architecture of the software installation. But that facility will be available in the Ultimate and Professional InstallShield software.

Professional InstallShield

Then go to the next tab “Application Files”.

Here you can import the files that you want to install in the C drive at the software install time. But you must use one .exe file that is necessary to execute your software.

Then go to the next tab “Application Shortcuts”.

Here you can choose where your software shortcut is created. Choose the Radio button depending on your choice. You can also make an Uninstallaion.exe file for your software. Go to the left hand menu and select “Create an Uninstallation shortcut”.

Create an Uninstallation shoutcut

Then go to the next tab “Application Registry”.

Here you can use the Registry for storing your software data that you can use in the software for temporary and permanent use. Many software's information is always saved in the Registry. So you can save data in the Registry at software installation time.


Then go to the next tab “Installation Interview”.

In this tab you can make an "Interactive Dialog Box" for users. Choose your requirement for the information required from the user at installation time.

Interactive Dialog Box

You can also choose a Dialog Box to be shown at run time. Go to the left hand side panels and click on “Dialogs”.


Select the dialog box to be shown at the software installation time.

Then from the debug bar select “SingleImage” from the drop down and then click on “Attach”.


So your installation setup is ready.

Open your project in the directory:

C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\Visual Studio <Version Year>\Projects\Setup1\Setup1\Setup1\Express\SingleImage\DiskImages\DISK1

Double-click on the Setup.exe file and install it.


After successful installation go to the desktop. Here you will see the shortcut of your software. Here you can click and run your software.