How to Browse Project in Multiple Browsers at Same Time


This article shows how to run a project or view in multiple browsers at the same time.

Sometimes we check the design in multiple browsers, so we simply copy and paste the URL into all the browsers or view in browse with different browsers and then check the design or layout in another browser.
By setting multiple browsers we don't need to check each time to view in the browsers or by copy and paste the URL. 


Generally by default our Visual Studio shows a browsers list as in the following:
Or by right-clicking on the Solution Explorer and browse with:
Here we can find the list of browsers and the default browser selected.
Now we can set multiple browsers to browse with by pressing Ctrl + the other browsers in which we want to view the project as in the following Listbox.
Here we are selecting multiple browsers and setting them as the default. You can see the selected browsers are set to the default and now we can see in Visual Studio on top there is the list as in the following with multiple browsers.
Now using F5 or Run or View in browser we can see our project is running in the multiple browsers that we selected as the Default.
By setting the default browsers to be multiple browsers we can check the layout or design in each browser in a single run of the application.