Embedding YouTube Video in Worksheet in Excel 2013

We can embed a YouTube video in Excel 2013. This feature permits watching the movie while working with the data in the Excel sheet itself. There are many steps to embed the video in an Excel sheet.

Lets have a look at the following steps.

Step 1

First go to Excel 2013.

Step 2

Now select the blank workbook template from the available templates like this:


Step 3

Now go to the YouTube.com website and select any video we want to embed in our document.


Step 4

Now copy the URL of the Video from the Address bar of the browser.


Step 5

And paste it on into Notepad and change the URL like this:


Step 6

Now switch to Excel 2013 and go to File -> Option.


Step 7

Now select the Customize Ribbon option from the left side bar and select Developer Main tab like this and click on Ok:


Step 8

The Developer Tab will be added like this and under it just select the insert option and under it just select the More controls Active-X Control like this:


Step 9

Now under the More Controls dialog box just select Shockwave Flash Object Control and click on ok like this:


Step 10

Now just drag the control on the sheet like this:


Step 11

Now right-click on this control and choose properties and under the properties window just select movie property and just paste the URL of which you pasted into Notepad separately.



Step 12

Now just select the Design Mode option under the Developer tab like this and the YouTube video will be shown like this:


Step 13

If we want to remove the video then again click on the Design mode option under the Developer tab then the YouTube video will be removed like this: