How to Configure the Access-Denied Assistance For Users


In this article you will learn how to configure the Access-Denied Assistance for users.

Access-Denied Assistance is used in conditions where the user was unable to access the files. In these cases an email is generated by the system that is sent to the user. You can add text to be shown to the user and you can specify the recipients of the email.

Step 1

First of all open the Server Manager of your Windows Server 2012.

notification 1.jpg

Now on the right hand an option will be available named "Tools", open it and click on the "File Server Resource Manager".

Note: Ensure that you havelready installed the File Server Resource Manager, otherwise this option will not be available under the Tools Menu.

notification 2.jpg

Step 2

Now you will see that the File Server Resource Manager is opened, that will look something like this:

notification 3.jpg

Now under the Action Pane an option will be available named "Configure Option", click on this option and open it.

notification 4.jpg

Step 3

Now Configure Option Wizard will be opened where by default E-Mail Notification Page will be opened.

notification 5.jpg

Here click on the Access-Denied Assistance.

accessdenied 1.jpg

Step 4

Here first check the "Enable Access-Denied Assistance" and then click on the "Configure Email Request". By doing that you will be able to configure the Email that will be sent to the Denied User.

accessdenied 2.jpg

Now first check the "Enable Users to Request Assistance". If you don't check this then you will not be able to make changes on this page. After that if you want to add the User Information and the Devise State Information then check both of these options to get included in the email.

accessdenied 3.jpg

Provide the List of Recipients that will receive this email, you can also Include the Folder Owner and the Administrator in the Recipient List, this can be done by checking both of them.

accessdenied 4.jpg

Now click on the "Ok" button to apply the changes done on this page.

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