How to Create Reports on Demand in Windows Server 2012


In this article you will learn how to create reports on demand in Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

First of all open the Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

generate report 1.jpg

In the Administrative Tools Wizard open the File Server Resource Manager.

generate report 2.jpg

Step 2

Now your File Server Resource Manager Tools Wizard will be opened.

generate report 3.jpg

Here on the left hand side an option will be available named Storage Report Management. Right-click on this and choose to Generate Reports Now.

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Step 3

Now the Storage Report Task Property Window would be opened, here first click on the Settings Tab and then under this Tab select one of the Report Types that you want to generate.

generate report 5.jpg

At the bottom of this window the Report Format Pane will be available where you can select the type in which you want to generate your report.

generate report 6.jpg

Step 4

Then click on the Scope Tab, where you can select the type of Data Files whose related folders will be added to this report.

generate report 7.jpg

Now you need to provide the of the folders that will be added in this scope, for that click on the "Add" button and browse to the related folder and then click on the "Ok" button.

generate report 8.jpg

Step 5

Now you can click on the "Delivery" Tab and can choose to send the report to the Administrator, provide the ID for the Admin of which this report is to be sent.

generate report 9.jpg

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