How to Limit the Users That Can Access the Shared Folder


In my previous article you learned how to share a drive or folder by using the Windows Interface.

In this article you will learn how to limit the users that can access the Shared Folder.

For making this possible you need to use the following procedure.

Step 1

First of all open "Computer Management" from the Start Menu of your System.

share drive 1.jpg

Now your Computer Management Window will be opened that will look like this:

share drive 2.jpg

Step 2

On the Left hand side of the Computer Management you will see many options are available, one of them will be named "Shared Folders", expand this option.

caching 1.jpg

On expanding Shared Folders, three options will be available named Shares, Sessions and Open Files. Among these options you need to open the "Shares" folder that will show you the list of drives and folders that are already shared. You will see that it's also showing the drive that we shared in our last article.

caching 2.jpg

Step 3

Now right-click on the Drive or Folder on which caching is to be done and click on it's Properties.

caching 3.jpg

Step 4

Now under the "General" Tab some information about this folder or drive will be available, like it's name and it's path etcetera. One pane is also available named "User Limit". This pane specifies the number of users that can access the shared folder. If we want to allow the shared folder to be accessed by everyone or each user then click on the first option, in other words "Maximum Allowed".

limit user 1.jpg

Or if you want to restrict the number of users to a specific number then click on the second option and provide the number of users.

limit user 2.jpg

After providing the number of users, click on "Apply" and then on the "Ok" button to apply the changes made.

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