System Setting In Windows 10: Part 1


In Windows 10 many setting options are available to customize Windows 10. Notification & Action, Apps & Features and Multitasking options are used to customize the Windows 10 setting. Windows 10 by default runs some notifications, apps features, and multitasking. Sometimes we want to customize all these settings regarding our requirements. To do this task here are the steps,

Open Setting

Firstly, press Windows Key from keyboard to open Start Menu Panel. After that click on Settings Option as in the following screenshots,
Step 1
Start Menu
Step 2
Setting Home Page
Step 3
setting home

Notifications & Actions

By using this feature we can manage the notification & actions according to your needs as we can ON and OFF a particular apps notification and particular actions on the app. To change the complete Windows 10 notifications & action setting follow these screenshots,
Step 1
Notifications actions

Icons Appear on the Taskbar

Icons Notifications

Icon Selection

Select Which Icons

Turn System Icons

System Icons Option

Icon On & Off

System Icons


Notifications Change

Notification From Apps

Apps Notifications

Apps and Features

Apps and Features are used to install and remove a particular app as in the following screenshots,
Apps and Feature

Optional Features

Manage Optional Features

Search Box

In the search box, we can type any app name which we want to configure as in the following the screenshot,
Apps Search

Uninstall App

Uninstall Apps

Sort Apps

Sort Apps
We can manage and shows apps on all drives as in the following screenshot,
Shows All Apps


In the multitasking window, we can manage the Virtual Desktop settings to show the complete desktop or show only the current desktop. We can also Manage the windows dragging, slider, windows corner, and auto-size manage settings. 


The main motivation of this article was to learn how to customize Notifications & Action, Apps and features and Multitasking settings in Windows 10 Operating System. I hope you liked this article.

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