How to Change Icon of Custom Case Origin in Dynamics CRM 2015

This article shows how to add an icon to a custom case origin option in Dynamics CRM 2015. Let's say we add a WhatsApp as a case origin in the Origin From option Set. For this we need to customize the option set as shown below.

Step 1
Click on Microsoft Dynamics CRM then select Settings --> Customizations.
Step 2
Click on Customize the System then select Option Sets.
Step 3
Select Case Origin. You will see the option sets available for the user.
Step 4
Then select Add New Option --> WhatsApp. Accept the default value for it and remember this value. It will be used when we add the icon. Save and Publish it as in the following:
Step 5
When you create a new case with Origin as WhatsApp you will see the Yammer icon by default.
Step 6
To change the icon, we will add a new web resource. Click on New Web Resource and provide it the name incident_origincode_icon_xxx where xxx is the value that we saved when adding the new option. Any other name will not work. The icon must be 16 x 16 dimensions so as to maintain the layout of the views. Click Save and Publish.
Step 7
Now when you refresh the view or add a new Case with WhatsApp as the origin, you will see the changed icon.
I hope this helps.

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