InApp Purchase in iPhone

InApp purchase product type:

Consumable products

These products must be purchased each time the user needs that item. For example, one-time services are commonly implemented as consumable products.

Non-consumable products

They are purchased only once by each user. Once a non-consumable product is purchased, it is provided to all devices associated with that user's iTunes account. Store Kit provides built-in support to restore non-consumable products on multiple devices.


They are delivered to all of a user's devices in the same way as non-consumable products. However, auto-renewable subscriptions differ in other ways. When you create an auto-renewable subscription in iTunes Connect, you choose the duration of the subscription. The App Store automatically renews the subscription each time its term expires. If the user chooses to not allow the subscription to be renewed, the user's access to the subscription is revoked after the subscription expires. Your application is responsible for validating whether a subscription is currently active and can also receive an updated receipt for the most recent transaction.

Free subscriptions

For this we provide free subscription content in the Newsstand. Once a user signs up for a free subscription, the content is available on all devices associated with the user's Apple ID. Free subscriptions do not expire and can only be offered in Newsstand-enabled apps.

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