Adding ToolTips to Windows Controls

In this article you will learn how to add ToolTips to Windows Controls.

This article has been excerpted from book "The Complete Visual C# Programmer's Guide from the Authors of C# Corner".

In this article I will explain you about the Adding ToolTips to Windows Controls.

Adding ToolTips to Windows Controls

Adding a ToolTip to a control is a simple matter of implementing the functionality provided by the ToolTip class. There are two steps to add a ToolTip to a control: first, create an instance of the ToolTip control; second, attach a control to the ToolTip object by calling the ToolTip.SetToolTip method. To activate the ToolTip, set the Active property to true. The following code adds a ToolTip to a button control:

        ToolTip toolTip1 = new System.Windows.Forms.ToolTip();
        toolTip1.SetToolTip (button1, "This is tooltip test");
        toolTip1.Active = true;


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