Auto Complete Box in WPF Toolkit

In this article we will see how to use Auto Complete Box in WPF Toolkit.


As you know WPF Toolkit has the recent version in February 2010, it has some controls added in Preview Brand. One of them is AutoCompleteBox. In this article we will see how to use it.

Creating WPF Application Project

Fire up Visual Studio 2008 and Create a WPF Application and name the project as AutoCompleteBoxInWPFToolkitSample.


Now we will add the AutoCompleteBox to our application. You can add it two ways, as you have recently uninstalled previous version of Toolkit and installed the new version, there will be occurrences where VisualStudio will through you error like the component doesn't exist.

So you need to add the Namespace "System.Windows.Controls.Input.Toolkit"


You can add it easily in Expression Blend as the following figure displays.


Now we will have some sample data to bind to the AutoCompleteBox.


That's it. Run the application and type in AutoCompleteBox. You will have the suggested list in the drop down.


And more importantly the fade in and fade out effect is added to the AutoCompleteBox.

Hope this article helps.