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Silverlight Navigation Application

Silverlight Navigation Application in Silverlight 3 and RIA Services


Navigation Application is a template available when you install RIA services into your system. It carries two assemblies as System.Windows.RIA and System.Windows.RIA.Controls. And it adds two Silverlight Templates to VS 2008. One of them is Silverlight Navigation application and Silverlight Business Application. Here we are going to see Silverlight Navigation Application.

Silverlight Navigation Application

The basic addition in this template we can see is the Navigation between different pages. As you can see on top left corner, the navigation links for home and about is displayed.


Figure 1.1 Silverlight Navigation Application Home Page


Figure 1.2 Silverlight Navigation Application About Page

As this is a template provided by RIA services, we can change it according to our requirements. In this application I have just added one page which has title as My Page. This page will contain a datagrid and it will display data from the database (Northwind).


Figure 1.3 Silverlight Navigation Application MyPage displaying data from database.


This is a wonderful template provided by RIA Services which is helpful for navigation applications. It can be customized for user's requirement.