Crystal Reports: Grouping Pattern 1

In this Article we are going see how to make a Grouping in a Crystal Report to display data in a particular pattern.

Aim: To group the data to be displayed in a Crystal Report in the following pattern.

Crystal Reports: Grouping Pattern


Displaying data in Grouped form can be useful in areas where we need to show common data grouped under the same category. E.g. Grouping of data by Country, City, Status, etc.


We can achieve the intended result in two ways

1. Set the Group By property while selecting the DataTable and other Fields to place into the desired Crystal Report as follows.


Figure 1

2. If we do not set the Group By property using case (a), then we need to add the Group Name Fields manually in our Crystal Report as follows.

Path: Field Explorer -> Group Name Fields -> Group Expert


Figure 2

Now, arrange the required fields on Crystal Report as follows…


Figure 3

Intended Result:


Figure 4

Summary: Here we learned how to Group the particular fields on Crystal Report using wizards.

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