Create And Customize Master Page In SharePoint

SharePoint provides multiple out of box master pages, but some time it can’t satisfy the customer needs. So we need to customize the master page as per customer’s need.

In this post I will describe how to customize and implement customized Master Page.

Step 1: Navigate to home page of root site and click on site setting of Action Menu and we get the Site setting window.

Step 2:
Here on the Site Settings page, in the Web Designer Galleries group, click on “Master pages and page layouts”.

Step 3: Under Master pages and page layouts, there are several master pages (Look for red box marked in the following image).

Now right click on “seattle.master” and download.

Step 4: I am going to customize the logo. So upload an image into image library in “site contents -> image”.

After successfully uploading image, find its URL and edit in master page in order to customize master page.

Now rename the customized master page and upload (In ribbon menu -> upload document).

Step 5: After successfully uploading master page, we need to publish the master page so that this will be available publicly. To publish, right click on master page and click on Advanced -> Publish A Major Version.

Step 6: Apply newly created master page. Click on “Site settings” from “Action Menu”. Under Look and Feel group click on the “Master page”.

Here select newly created custom master page and click OK.

Now navigate to home page and see the changes that are made (in this case logo).