Some Cool Operations With Text Using XAML in Windows Phone

The beauty of an application depends on its User Interface. Some dynamic things in the UI increases the efficiency and likeness of an application. The most important thing in applications is usually "text" that describes the app and makes the user able to read the content. For this purpose, today we will do some cool operations in XAML .


In XAML, 3D rotation of text can be done very easily.

Add three silders and TextBox in XAML.


In the preceding figure, the most important thing is the value of the slider bound to the projection property of the text box.

Now press F5 and enjoy text rotation or projection.



text rotation

enjoy text rotation

rotation or projection


Font Size

Font size plays an important role for the visibility and beauty of text. Like projection or rotation, the font size property can also be bound with the slider value.

Font Size

In the preceding figure, the font size is bound with the slider's value.

Now press F5 and you are good to go.


font size image


Font Color

Like font size, font color is another beautiful property of TextBox or textblock in Windows Phone. To change the font color dynamically in Windows Phone, the Coding4Fun Toolkit is required.

In project, go to TOOLS -> Nuget Package Manager -> Package Manager Console .

After initializing the console windows, write this command after PM>

Install-Package Coding4Fun.Toolkit.Controls

After successfully adding this toolkit, you can see its reference added to the references of your project.


In the preceding figure, you can see the binding of the foreground with ColorHexagonPicker Colors. Now press F5 and play with the colors.



binding of foreground

Without a single line of C# code, we played with colors, enjoyed projection and incremented the font size.

Happy Coding. :)

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