Subscribing to an RSS Feed in JIRA Tool in Testing

In this tool the user can subscribe to a RSS feed. The user can create a RSS feed on any issue which is also based on any issue filter or the user can choose to create it based on the search results as the issue is displayed on the Issue Navigator. In JIRA we can create a RSS feed that contains issue data like Summary, Description etc. and also a RSS feed that contains comments.

Subscribing to a RSS Feed

In JIRA the following is the procedure to create a RSS feed:

  1. Login into the JIRA tool. It displays the project dashboard page
  2. Click on the Issues tab on the top navigation bar. Select Search for Issues; it will display the Issue Navigator page


  3. Search for an Issue in the search column on the left side of the Issue Navigator page. Click on the Search button and it will display the required searched test case.


  4. Now click on the "Views" menu on the top-right side of the issue and choose one of the following:


    • RSS (Issues) from this we will create a RSS feed that contains only the issue data.
    • RSS (Comments) from this user can create a RSS feed that contains comments.
  5. Click on the RSS Issues link. It will display a RSS feed page and ask for a desired bookmark. Save the bookmark. Now the RSS feed is created.


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