How to Create Top-Level sites with Collaboration in SharePoint

In this exercise we see how to create Top-Level sites with Collaboration in SharePoint.
  • Click on the link Application Management

  • Click on Create or extend Web application

  • Continue to click Create a new Web application

  • Provide a number of information requests for Web Application

  • Immediately after creating the Web Application is complete click the Create Site Collection or back to Application Management Webmasters Create site collection

  • Select Collaboration | Team Site

  • Provides information for the site name (title) and description (Description)

  • Select a URL / sites / TeamSite (Top-Level sites continued)

  • Enter the username is the account in the OS / OK

  • Name is the account in the OS / OK

  • Open the Browser by clicking the link under the newly created Teamsite to create subsite


TeamSite interface as follows